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“The Wire” is right — it’s just impossible to get good po-lice work done anymore

bunk-mcnulty.jpgYou know, this is ridiculous. Throughout our country, the police are vastly underpaid and largely overworked. And yet, they’re still able to put some good cases together now and again. But what do they get for their ingenuity and initiative. Judicial declarations that they’re being “outrageous,” with perfectly good criminal cases thrown out. Bullocks!

But that’s just what happened in Jersey, where a case against a woman allegedly running a prostitution ring out of her spa has been tossed out of court. Turns out that the cops paid an informant $180, plus expenses, to go to the spa four times in the summer of ‘06 to buy himself some sex. Sounds like a win-win for the informant, as he got paid, got his dick wet, and got to be a good citizen. But Judge Robert L. Steinberg sees it otherwise:

We conclude that the decision to send the citizen into Shiatsu Spa on four occasions for a smorgasbord of sexual activity violates the principles of fundamental fairness. Neither the prostitution activity inside the Shiatsu Spa nor the police decision-making is to be condoned.

…If I ever start a band, I’m totally calling it Smorgasbord of Sexual Activity.

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Sometimes, I am glad I live in a FSU country, where shit like this doesn't happen. Well, for one, the prostitution ring would be run by the cops; and two, instead of paying the informant to do your work, you just pass that money to the judge. Case closed, the prostitution ring is out of business...the hookers will work for the cops instead of going to jail, and the informant is whacked.