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Lawsuit Day, Part 2!


Earlier, I gave you Lawsuit Day, Part 1! Well, we’ve got two lawsuits to cover in Part 2. Turns out that Defamer reported on many of these same lawsuits, and even dubbed yesterday “Everybody’s Suing Everybody Day.”

…Damn it. That’s totally a better name than “Lawsuit Day.” Balls.

Anyway, another lawsuit Defamer reported on was Nic Cage v. Kathleen Turner. Seems that Turner has an autobiography coming up and Cage is pissed that she tarnishes his sterling reputation in it. So he’s sued her for defamation, libel and slander over in the U.K., denying her claims that he’s a drunk dog-snatcher. Interestingly, his lawsuit doesn’t deny the fact that he’s a shitty overactor in 98% of his films. Maybe because that’s my take on him, not Turner’s, but still.

And lastly, going back to the movies, again, Mel Gibson is being sued over The Passion of the Christ. Benedict Fitzgerald (really? there are still people with the name Benedict?) claims that he wrote a movie about the crucifixion of the Christ for Mel, and that Mel said it would be a little-bitty movie. Of course, Mel made a bit more than $1 per lashing, and Fitzgerald wants his piece. Which begs the question, who would Jesus sue?

…Yeah, I agree. He’d totally sue Mel Gibson.