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The Fourth Estate Just Evicted an Upstanding Member

bwbroadwaychezh.jpgChez Pazienza, a friend of the site and occasional contributor on our sister site, Pajiba, was fired today as a senior producer on CNN’s “American Morning.” Why? For blogging, of course. He was dumped unceremoniously, with no severance, for writing about his (mostly distasteful) opinions on the media on his blog Deus Ex Malcontent. Nevermind that he worked under a pseudonym, and nevermind that he never actually mentioned his employer’s name: CNN has a policy in place, damnit. And that policy is to squelch unsanctioned speech.

Pazienza’s blog actually rose to prominence a couple of years ago thanks to his brilliant post, “2006: The Year of the Douchebag.” Well, I suppose we know who will be crowned 2008’s Douchebag of the Year.

Way to go, CNN.

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Don't fret Chez! I got booted by Lifetime Television earlier this year for similar reasons, and trust me I am waaaay happier without them!

Wow. Fuck you, CNN. Now I can't watch ANY news network.

What happened? Chez say something derogatory about Nancy Grace? Cause if that's the problem a lot of people need to clean out their desks at CNN. Screw CNN. They suck AND blow.