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The Spirit of Christmas

scratch-ticket.jpgDuring a December 15 holiday party, some friends were playing Yankee swap with their gifts. Franco Sapia selected a gift which turned out to be a $5 scratch ticket for a game called “Bah Humbucks.” Brenda White, later in the game, forced Sapia to swap with her, taking the ticket for whatever gift she had. Sapia claims that, at the time, White agreed to split any money with him if the ticket wound up being a big winner.

Of course you know it was a winner, to the tune of $200K. White now refuses to give Sapia his taste so he has, naturally, taken her ass to court. The state lottery is of course keeping its hands out of the mess, and the court has issued a restraining order against White, forbidding her from cashing the ticket until after a hearing early next year.

Ho ho ho.