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Dude, you are beyond ridiculous

ladies-night.jpgLast week, Manhattan’s Lotus filed papers in response to a lawsuit against it and several other NYC clubs. The plaintiff in the case is the ridiculous Roy Den Hollander, and he’s suing the clubs over the alleged discrimination suffered by men city-wide because of ladies’ nights (you know, where the gals get cheap or free drinks and admission, while the folks with dangly parts still pay full price).

Lotus’ response called Hollander’s lawsuit frivolous and said that under his theory of discrimination, “then ‘early bird’ specials for the elderly or promotions allowing children to eat free would be discriminatory on the basis of age.”

Another club, AER Lounge, also filed a response, and hit the nail right on the head, explaining why Hollander is a moron — without ladies’ nights, some of these clubs would become sausage fests:

Under this theory, male customers may actually benefit from ladies’ nights in other ways and be encouraged to attend the club on those nights.

Exactly right.

Now whether a man has a shot at breaking through the proverbial barrier put up by the office gals out for a night on the town, well that’s another story. But I’m guessing that Hollander has struck out at least a few times, and thus, this lawsuit.