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The Secret Service Hates Obama

Check this out: Some loony Ebay nut hounds the hell out of Barack Obama, to the point that Obama finally relents. Dude: You best watch yourself. You don’t want to mess with a Muslim carrying around a bag of goat cheese.

The thing is, though: That guy couldn’t been a real nutcase carrying something other than a camera. What’s up with the security?

Meanwhile, Hillary’s lead over Obama in Pennsylvania is drying up faster than a Dunkin Donut at midnight.

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My opinion of this administration has sunk so low that I wouldn't be shocked if the secret service was told to be less than normally vigilant. Whether this is true or not, I hate that it's not considered an outrageous, paranoid thought anymore.

PS, Where are the tax returns?

Muslim? Crap man, don't mess with anyone carrying goat cheese. That stuff is DELICIOUS!!! Like, it makes you go insane! Trust me, I live on a goat farm.
I won't comment on the muslim crack though, cuz I'm sure you know he isn't.