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The Quiet Game Just Got Extreme

silence.jpgThose crazy school kids come up with the weirdest ways to pass the time:

The game is called “Quiet” — everyone sits silently at his or her desk, and the first one to speak gets hit by a flying textbook. It ended badly for an eighth-grader at Dreyfus Intermediate School, Stapleton, whose spleen was ruptured when a textbook hit him in the side.

But a look at the details is even more bizarre:

Chaz, who said he’s 4 feet, 11 inches tall and just 69 pounds, was sitting in his math class that Wednesday morning, while a substitute, Kuang Wei Li, supervised.
The class finished its work, he said, and Ms. Li told the students they could do what they wanted for the remainder of the class.
So they decided to play “Quiet,” he said.
Chaz spoke first — “I just said, ‘OK.’” — and the textbooks started flying.
He described the books as about an inch thick, “big and thin with a hard cover.” Each one weighed perhaps two pounds.
Chaz ducked the first book, which was thrown by a 14-year-old girl, but the next two made contact, one in his side and one in his back, he said.
“I was on the floor scrunched up, screaming in pain,” Chaz said.
He said he saw several other books sail overhead as he went down.
Ms. Li walked up to him but never asked if he was all right, Chaz said. “I was out of my seat, and she said, ‘Sit down.’”

Weirder still: The 14-year-old girl, who was unlucky enough to be the first to throw a textbook, was arrested and charged her with attempted felony assault and menacing for playing the Quiet game.

What the hell is wrong with kids these days? Do they play duck, duck, goose with mallets, too? Or tackle red rover? Or tag with pistols? Jesus Christ. Whoever heard of a Quiet game where an entire class pelts you with textbooks?

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Was it Fahrenheit 451 where the kids just crashed cars, hit eachother, and destroyed things? We're on our way there people, we all know it.

I teach high school English. The only thing that surprises me is that the kids only threw the books and nothing else.

It's not kids these days, it's everything else.

I try to take this seriously, but every time I picture a kid getting pelted by books, I burst out laughing. I think it is residual laughs from my "nutshots are funny" part of my humor.