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Modern Romance

romance.jpgHypothetical. Let’s say you’re a 24-year-old Salem, Oregon woman. You’re hanging out with another Salem chick, who just so happens to be your meth-buddy. You guys decide to go visit one of your boyfriends, who’s spending some time in the clink.

But wait - you have no car! What to do, what to do?

Steal someone’s truck, of course! Because nothing bad could happen by driving a stolen truck to the jail, right?


…Well, unless a deputy at the jail happens to hear a radio report about that same stolen truck, and then he just happens to wind up walking into the jail parking lot only to find said stolen truck.

It’s kinda romantic really - now the methhead can spend lots of time hanging out with her boyfriend in the clink (in fact, the gals are also facing drug charges because they had meth on them, and related paraphernalia in the stolen truck).