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Since when does a cab ride to the airport cost $80K?

tollBooth.jpgBack in 2003, Andrea Zemankova, then 29-years-old, owned a cab with her boyfriend, Marcel Medek. Over a two year span, their cab went through a lot of Illinois state tolls - in fact, we know that it went through 1,114 tolls. Or at least, that’s how many tolls the car went through without bothering to actually pay the toll (which was generally a buck or less).

So now the state’s worst toll offenders owe the state a whopping $80,571 in fines. And that number may actually be higher, as the toll agency is apparently way behind on its paperwork.

Zemankova is pissed about these fees, and says she was never even notified by the agency - she says she only found out when the newspaper called her to talk to the state’s worst offender. And she says that it’s not even her who should owe any money, as it was always Medek who was driving their cab. And, to make matters worse, the agency no longer offers a payment plan or amnesty program, so she’s gotta pay all of the eighty grand in one fat sum if she wants her record cleared.

If she can track down her ex-boyfriend, maybe she can borrow the cab and just start charging a bit of a surtax for the drunks she picks up after bar time.