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The latest reason McCain is full of shit….

mccain.jpgSo McCain suspended his campaign and said he’s not showing up to Friday night’s debate unless legislation is passed resolving the financial clusterfuck we’re in. Because shit doesn’t get done in Washington unless Old Man McCain is there to git r’ done, right?

If that’s true, how come he’s missed a whopping 64.1% of Senate votes over the last two years? He’s the only Senator to have missed over 50% of the votes, and he’s missed almost two-thirds. He’s like a fucking absentee landlord. But this time, he’s gotta be there. And we’re supposed to believe his people’s bullshit that this isn’t a political play? Brother please.

And Letterman voiced the other point about this quite perfectly: “What are you going to do if you’re elected and things get tough? Suspend being president? We’ve got a guy like that now!”

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Oh, Quizlaw, you know just how to brighten up my day! I'll be honest, I didn't even read this post - just seeing my favorite picture of McCain was enough.

I'll never stop loving this. Never. I should have a t-shirt made.

*cough* And does Obama even know how to find his way around the Senate chamber?

I mean, the response is quite easy: Obama has got what, a 144 days of time total in the Senate. To be mocking McCain for going to the Senate is rather dumb, don't you think? At least he's been there 60 percent this year. Your guy sure as heck hasn't. Or he's voted present.

As for Letterman's comment, Ol' Obama himself said that he's not needed--the grownups can work it out without him there.

Ay ay ay!

At this point it's not even worth it...but, seriously dude: if democrats make you so crazy, maybe you need to find somewhere else to get your jollies.

I mean, IMO, it's getting a little sad (and, dare I say, desperate).

Don't you yearn for acceptance and understanding? Go forth and find it! You have my blessing!

Arr Matey--*sigh* This site is actually a good site for the latest insane criminals, or other juicy legal stories. In fact, it's a good resource on those.

But increasingly it is all Obama worship, all the time. Oh, and totally sexist comments about Palin, or comments about Republicans that if someone said about any Democrat Quizlaw would probably immolate themselves over.

It's also funny to see the sheer, utter hypocrisy here. Like this post was full of.

This time in History is scary. Bush's could be third term and already as bad as things could get may get worse with all the idiots for Mcsame. But wait we have Pal-in that can communicate directly with God. We may have nothing to worry about if Mcsame is only there 50% of the time
Thanks, Share a pal-in

palin says obama pals around w/ terrorists ? well don't the pro life pal around with terrorists? how many heath clinics have been bombed by pro lifers and how many doctors of these clinics been killed or injured? so in essense the right wing repubes are terrorists also.?

McCain is not only full of shit he is not the Big War hero he claims he is either check it out at http://www.vietnamveteransagainstjohnmccain.com/