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Are We Headed Toward Martial Law?

Diane Rehm is a crazy left-wing nutjob, but she’s got a show on NPR, so she must know something, right? Anyway, she’s reporting here that the United States, for the first time ever, is putting an active army unit inside the country in case it’s needed to fight off civil unrest.

Does the Bush Administration know something we don’t? Should we be terrified? Is this unit being deployed to fight off crowds after Paulson takes our $700 billion and leaves the country?

This is kind of scary, actually.

(H/T Mark)

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You mean Amy Goodman of Democracy Now?

I listen to Diane Rehm every day on NPR and she has a very distinct voice. This lady is definitely NOT Diane Rehm.

Crap. I got my crazy NPR women confused. Yes. Amy Goodman. Diane Rehm is the crazy old lady, right? They both sound like they've had way too many cigarettes in their lifetime.

Her report was taken from an Army Times article earlier this month:


I just spent the evening listening to the political conspiracy theories of various co-workers. One of them said that Bush may declare martial law before leaving office, and we may never have an election, that the idea was suggested by Bush Sr.

While it does kind of scare me that Bush is the one implementing this, it does make a kind of sense if you read the entire article. I served years ago in what's now the brigade they're talking about. According to the plan, the brigade is to serve as a back-up in case of national emergency, such as Katrina. Maybe, had something like this been in place before Katrina, so many people would not have been so badly hurt.

I also have confidence that most active service soldiers know and understand that they are not cops or some sort of enforcement force. When I was in, it was always made clear that the Posse Comitatus Act prevents the active military from serving as a police force.

Hopefully, these classes are still going on, even under our retarded current administration.

After reading the article, I'm a little confused...isn't this the job of the National Guard? Is everything turned around, the NG is overseas and the Army is at home?

Also, I don't like this at all, especially the emphasis on civil unrest and crowd control.

What happened to The Posse Comitatus Act?

I would call Dustin a crazy right-wing nutjob, but that would be a redundancy.