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The Latest in Parenting …

rope.jpgBack in the day, parents used to punish their children with a simple spanking — when I was a kid, if we did bad, my parents used blunt force punishment — paddles, the occasional belt, and, every once in a while, a switch (which we had to pick from a tree ourselves). These days, corporal punishment is mostly a no-no, so parents have turned to the time out — an hour or so locked away in a bedroom with no social contact. Personally, I would’ve welcomed time outs — and, apparently, their effectiveness is waning.

So, some parents are turning to more effective forms of time-outs. We’ve previously discussed the duct tape method — simply duct taping your child to a hard surface and leaving for the day. Well, a Tennessee mother has come up with another twist — the rope method. Rachel Gilchrist and her partner were simply trying to enjoy a delicious meal at Cracker Barrel (oh, how good are their chicken and dumplings, eh?), when their child began acting up. And not wanting to let a good meal go to waste, they put their six-year-old boy in a time-out. However, not having a bedroom to lock him away in, they did the next best thing, really. They took him out to their SUV, stuck him in the front seat, and tied a rope around his ankle so he couldn’t escape. Genius, right? Never mind that it was a sweltering 80 degrees outside. The kid got what was coming to him, damnit.

Of course, Gilchrist and her partner also got what was coming to them, after the boy was found in the car crying, sweating enough to soak through his shirt. As a result, Gilchrist and her partner were given their own time out — police put them in the pokey, charging them with cruelty to children. Though her partner was released yesterday on bail, Gilchrist still remains in time-out. I hope they turn off the AC in her cell.

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Mmm... chicken and dumplings!

Psssh, 80 degrees is not "sweltering." What a pussy.

I've always felt that children should be freeze dried. When you want them, you just add water.

Sylvia Likens. Look it up. Time outs are just chairs in a corner. Anything else just reminds me of Sylvia Likens.