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Hold onto your pants here - turns out the rich folk don’t like us plebeians

beach.jpgBack in the ’70s, California smartly enacted the California Coastal Act of 1976. Among other things, this Act generally guarantees that people can get from public roads to the public beaches. But the rich people who live on wildly expensive beachfront properties don’t like all this public access business, so they put up signs of the “stay off my land, punks” and “step on my sand, I step on your face” variety. And this practice is getting so rampant that the California Coastal Commission sees a “huge problem” looming. In fact, here’s how bad it is - residents have been so effective at this attempt to keep folks off the beaches in Malibu “that unfortunate beachgoers occasionally get ticketed” (in other words, the law enforcement people either don’t realize that those signs don’t represent the actual law, or they’re more interested in keeping their rich local citizenry happy).

I wish I were back in high school again, and going to high school in LA. I’d organize a huge school-wide beach bonfire, and plant down right in front of the most expensive beachfront Malibu house I could find. We wouldn’t be obnoxiously loud or drunk or anything like that - we’d just keep traveling back and forth and all around, just knowing that our mere presence was taking years off the lives of the poor poor rich people who just don’t want to be near commoners like us.