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The latest in criminal defense theory

criminal-defense.jpgWillie James Maye, of Buffalo, has crafted an interesting new legal argument. Last month, he was busted for selling weed out of his car. He had parked his Chevy Suburban across from a local bar, and was selling his goods tothe patrons of said bar. The cops received a complaint and rolled up on Maye, where they found him in possession of 26 grams of weed.

Mayes’ defense?

“Man, it’s just weed. I could be selling crack.”

Meanwhile, a Florida (of course) man recently crashed his SUV through the window of the State Attorney’s office. Jonathan James Sweat was suspected of being drunk, but when he was taken to the police department, he passed his breath test and didn’t otherwise show signs of being drunk. Worried anyway, Sweat went to his own defense, spontaneously stating that he couldn’t be arrested for a DUI because he hadn’t been drinking. He’d just been smoking weed.

So sometimes, “it’s just weed, it ain’t crack,” is the way to go. Other times, you should cop to weed with the “I ain’t drunk, I’m high” defense. When is the right time for which defense? Well, only you can figure that out in the moment. We can’t do all the work for you — we can just give you the tools to defend yourself.