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The best Florida story of the week…

the-lion-king.jpgI’ve been posting Florida stories all week, but this right here is the winner. A car thief was almost busted by the victim of said theft. The victim (who “only wants to be known as Mustafa because he is concerned for his safety”) had his Crown-Vic stolen. The car was found a few days later, though it was missing some of its contents. Including Mustafa’s laundry.

A few days later, Mustafa saw a dude walking down the street. Wearing his clothes. So he called the cops and then marched over to the man to ask where he got his sharp duds. Man ran. Mustafa chased.

And then things got weirder, because Mustafa realized someone was chasing him. With a gun.

Mustafa: “After he hit me across the face with the gun, I said what you going to do, shoot me in front of all these people? He said no, I’m going to shoot your old lady, so he went over and started pointing the gun at her.” (Mustafa had left his girlfriend and kids in the car.)

There was a stand-off for a while, which ended when the gunman shot Mustafa. In the ass.

At the time of this story, last weekend, the car thief and the shooter remained at large.

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When "Curb Your Enthusiasm" schticks go bad.

Yeahh....thats not my name.

Mustafa is a character in An American Girl in Algiers, an opera.