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The gosh darn best insurance company this side of hell

health-net.jpgSpeaking of health insurance, 52-year-old Patsy Bates just got a hefty $9 million verdict against her former health insurance company, Health Net Inc. Back in 2005, she was undergoing cancer treatments when Health Net decided, “nah, we don’t want to keep paying for this nonsense,” canceling her policy and leaving with over $100,000 in unpaid bills (lucky for her, a state-funded program covered her treatments so she didn’t, you know, die).

And this Health Net place is shady as fuck. It’s admitted that it ran a program in 2002 and 2003 where it illegally paid bonuses as incentives to administrators who hit a target number of policy cancellations. And it’s also being sued by the L.A. city attorney for allegedly canceling 1,600 insurance policies illegally.

Health Net! A better decision, indeed.