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“…and a bag of chips, and some sodas, and this gum, andthesecondoms, and a Snickers bar…”

condoms.jpgSure, guys can be nervous the first time they have to go get themselves a rubber. They hit the local 7-11 or CVS and purchase $50 worth of crap to cover up their condom purchase. Or, their first box of condoms surreptitiously winds up in the bottom of a backpack, because the embarrassment of getting busted for shoplifting is infinitely preferable to the embarrassment of buying rubbers (and so strong is male teenage lust, that they don’t think about the embarrassment of getting caught stealing condoms).

An Ohio man really let the hormones and embarrassment get to his head, and took shit to another level. A convenience store was held up by a guy holding a semiautomatic pistol. He asked the clerk to hand over a bunch of money and, perhaps trying to sneak it under the radar, also asked for a single condom. I mean, just imagine — so nervous about buying rubbers that even though you’re about to walk out of a convenience store with a pocket full of cash, you just have to get that lone rubber thrown in as well. That, ladies, is the male mind.