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The Discriminatingest Place on Earth

disney-castle.jpgSukhbir Channa has sued Disney World (that’s the Florida one — I dunno about you, but I always get World and Place fucking confused) for discrimination. Channa is a Sikh and, as such, has long hair (and, presumably, a big ol’ beard) and wears a turban. But he says that when he applied to be a trumpet player at Disney World back in 2006, he was told that he didn’t have the “Disney look,” thank you very much. Channa is looking for a nice $1 million payout.

Disney says that, first, they’ve got no record of Channa applying for that job and, second, of course it doesn’t discriminate. Against anyone. Ever. Because that would go against the spirit of famous Jew-hater Walt.

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Now come on Seth... if you're going to get things confused, it's Disney:
-World (Florida)
-land (California)
-land Paris (aka EuroDisney)
-land Tokyo

and, just to be completely different:



I totally agree with this guy. He could have played the Sultan of Agrabah! For shame, Disney.

Well I did the backstage tour of Disney World and according to there grooming standards I could not work there as I have a beard. No beards is part of there standards. For people who work in contact with the public no beards clean shaven or moustache only.

Disney can hire whoever they want.