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Rule number one, never run out of Colt 45. Rule number two, never forget rule number one.

philly-mural-1.jpgI’ve been known to frequently speak ill of my hometown of Philadelphia. But one thing I truly love about the place is the Mural Arts Program, which is responsible for thousands of internal and external murals all over the city. It’s really awesome to see well-done public art in some of the ugliest and roughest areas of the city, and it’s one of the few things I believe is really going right for a city that’s been in a lot of trouble socially and financially (not to mention sports-ally) for some time.

Which I bring up because the city has cracked down on a couple of murals for crossing the line from art to illegal advertising. Seems that Pabst Beer paid from some wall space so that murals incorporating its Colt 45 malt liquor could go up. Which basically amounts to an illegal billboard. The city has tried contacting Pabst to scold them, and has issued citations to the businesses which took payment for their wall space (at least one business admits to taking $1,000 from Pabst for a Colt 45 mural).

Here are some samples of the non-advertising murals scattered around the city (my personal favorite is the one I included up top):





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Those are awesome. I love pulic art, especially when it speaks to and for its community.

public, rather


At least you didn't write pubic art, pinkcheese.

Philly holla! I see the one with the tree all the time, and it's just as cool as the first time I saw it.

The second from the bottom has metal butterflies fixed to the wall and is a homeless shelter.

there's a really neat one that went up recently on broad and girard that i really like ! it's kind of in the style of the last one.