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Were they normal silk jammies, or underoos? Inquiring minds want to know, damn it!

underoos.jpgBobby Gardocki made the curious decision to chase Michael Estrada down the streets of New York, while wearing pajamas. Estrada didn’t take too kindly to this, calling out “stop this crazy guy — he’s trying to kill me.” The police were happy to oblige, tackling Gardocki and letting Estrada carry on his way.

The thing of it is, Gardocki told the cops that he was chasing Estrada because Estrada had stolen several thousand dollars worth of jewelry from his apartment. The cops didn’t believe Gardocki, of course, until another tenant of his building happened to walk by and convinced the cops that Gardocki was an upstanding citizen. So they then went after Estrada, who they found nearby. Nice trick by Estrada though, and it would’ve worked if it wasn’t for that pesky neighbor.