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The Daily Memo - 9/20/07

check.jpgA Wisconsin man has sued Brut because he claims the company’s aftershave caused 2nd and 3rd degree burns. (Wiconsin Radio Network)

check.jpgA simple traffic stop has turned into a pissing match between the states of Louisiana and Oklahoma. (Tulsa World)

check.jpgA 41-year-old woman seems to have tried to stay out of prison by setting up a fake obituary, although she of course claims to have no idea how the obit wound up in the local paper. (Indy Star)

check.jpgIt only took 8 years of legal wrangling to decide a couple could fly their flag on a flag pole! (Palm Beach Post)

check.jpgOne of the top defense attorneys in Dallas wound up in a bit of trouble after getting drunk, hitting a passing truck with stray bullets and trying to punch the cop who came to investigate. (Dallas Observer)