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The Daily Memo - 8/8/07

check.jpg“Time to saw South Carolina off from the US And set it free” because the state legislature has decided to give financial aid to students going to Bob Jones University, at the expense of those who need aid to go to public universities. (Bad Astronomy Blog)

check.jpgA wonderful Florida mother has been charged in a scam where she allegedly faked her 13-year-old daughter’s death to get some cash. (TampaBays10.com)

check.jpgFinally, “the controversy on whether watermelon is a fruit or vegetable has been officially decided by the Oklahoma Legislature,” which has declared watermelon the official state vegetable. (KOTV)

check.jpgGod has finally found his way into the Texas state pledge of allegiance. (Houston Chronicle)

check.jpgTom Hanks wants some more of the Greek. (THR, Esq.)

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South Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma AND Texas? So what you're saying is that we should let the whole South secede...

Ooh I love legislating science, watermelons get lumped in with cucumbers and gourds so they can call them vegetables, but ALL of those things are fruits. It is the freaking fruiting body of the plant which the plant uses to reproduce, not a leaf, root or stem like vegetables are (cabbage, carrot, celery etc.). Too bad we want a state vegetable and we don't care about accuracy. That pisses me off so much as a science nerd, f you Oklahoma, it ain't ok!