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There’s No Shit in “ool”

wtoo1.jpgAt least, that’s the way they’d have it at an Akron, OH condo association:

Suzanne Malcom filed complaints with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission this month after Seven Stories East Condominiums told her that her one-year-old son Lucas wasn’t welcome in the outdoor pool, she said.
“As a parent, it’s my responsibility to defend his rights,” Malcom said.
Malcom, 35, claims a condo board member approached her twice while she was swimming with her son and asked if the boy, who was wearing a swim diaper, was potty trained. The second time the member asked Malcom not to bring her son into the water, she said.
The board then enacted a rule barring children under the age of 3 from the pool for health and safety reasons, Malcom said.

Now, come on, Ms. Malcolm. You know how dangerous and unhealthy it is to swim with feces. That’s why you should take your son to a lake or river, where the water is crystal clean — well, except for the sewage, toxic run-off, and environmental hazards. But, there’s no chlorine! And your son can crap in the water all he wants.