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The Daily Memo - 7/9/07

check.jpgDustin Hoffman is planning to direct, produce, co-write and star in an adaptation of Scott Turrow’s Personal Injuries. (Cinematical)

check.jpgThree passengers are suing the tuberculosis lawyer, even though they haven’t appeard to catch anything from the man they shared a flight with. (Overlawyered)

check.jpgHow the Supremes are spending their summer vacations. (Law.com)

check.jpgBlawg Review #116 is bringing the mustard. (Corporate Blawg UK)

check.jpgOil companies are being sued by drivers in seven states over “hot fuel,” which is expanded gasoline due to summer heat (which gives less energy/gallon than cooler gasoline). (USA Today)

check.jpgThe Ninth Circuit has ruled that warrantless monitoring of the internet, to track IP addresses and e-mail headers, is ok because it’s similar to warrantless phone surveillance that figures out what numbers are being called. (SF Gate and Concurring Opinions)