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Some people have no sense of humor … cuz’ they’re black.

titty%20twister.jpgAhhh, I remember my good old high school years. I hung out with the cool kids, dated a cheerleader, and played the odd prank. One year in summer school I lit a smoke ball leftover from the 4th of July and rolled it to the back of the class room. Good times. You know what the teacher did? Well he certainly didn’t punch me in the face, that’s what he didn’t do.

Vo-tech administrator Ronald L. Barrett lashed out at a student who attempted the old “titty twister” on Barrett, “bombarding” the student about the shoulders with punches in what he called a kneejerk reaction. I guess the kid was lucky he didn’t give him an Atomic Wedgie. The guy probably would have stabbed him in the eye with a spork.

Consequently, Barrett was placed on unpaid leave for a week after the event. In a litigious twist, Barrett is now in negotiations with the school for denying him unemployment benefits.The school’s reason for denying the benefits? The obvious aforementioned discipline issue. Why does Barrett think he is being denied? Ohhhh, come on … take a guess.

Now Barrett says the school is trying to keep him from collecting unemployment benefits because of the charge against him, and he believes he is being discriminated against because he is black.

Was that your head exploding or mine?

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sounds like the kid assaulted (or at least attempted to assault) the teacher. Wouldn't that make any of his actions self defense?


I know I would try to knock someone out if they tried to give me a titty twister, unless they were family, a VERY good friend, or were one of my "Who Am I Crushing On" subjects.

Still, it is bad form to try to beat up a student, then blame the resulting punishment on your being black. Did all the melanin in his skin suddenly surge forward, pushing his fists into the kid's face? He really would have been better off going with self-defense, or at least justification from extreme disrespect.