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The Daily Memo - 6/18/08

check.jpgA British lawyer faked a nervous breakdown to get a bigger payout in her employment lawsuit. Classy. (Above the Law)

check.jpgIs Justice Thomas depressed? Depends on whether you’re a strict constructionalist. (Supreme Dicta)

check.jpgThe PTO is looking at some changes to the trademark rules. (The TTABlog)

check.jpgMuy bueno. Via a constitutional amendment, Mexico is following the US by allowing trials to be public and giving defendants a presumption of innocence. (LawInfo)

check.jpgThe FDA’s not so happy with all the things out there claiming to prevent cancer. (CNN

check.jpgAn asshole corporate landlord in Florida (natch) won’t void the lease of a man shipping off to Iraq. (TBO.com)