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Ye can’t spell Florida, matey, without an arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

pirate2.jpgI know we bag on the penis state a lot but, and I’m dead serious here, I kinda want to move to Fort Walton Beach:

Booty rained down, shots rang out and airplanes roared overhead as hundreds cheered and chugged.
Mayor Mike Anderson acquiesced after doing what he could to distract the pirates. When negotiations failed, he brought out the first of his last-ditch efforts: temptation.
“He’s released his wenches on the (pirate) militia,” announced the battle’s narrators. “They look questionable to me, if you don’t mind me saying so,” one added.
Then Anderson unleashed the city’s secret mini-militia, a troupe of young defenders who also failed to stop the pirates’ march. Three Air Force T-6s circled overhead but offered no help.
It was the 53rd consecutive defeat suffered by the city, which has faced the pirates annually since the 1950s.
Medical responders had responded to about 25 calls by 6 p.m., said Okaloosa Emergency Medical Services Capt. Steve Speer. About eight of those were alcohol-related, he said. (Source)

Annual pirates, booty, and drunken shenanigans? Mayor Mike Anderson is totally my favorite mayor now.

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Releasing the wenches? Oh I am so sold.