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Stupid, Stubborn Pride About to Cost Government Millions

26cbfe078a_fiola.jpgSo get this: A government employee out in Massachusetts gets fired because his employer discovered kiddie porn on his state-issued laptop. However, after an extensive investigation, it was discovered that the government issued laptop virus software was corrupt and that the employee — Michael Fiola — had been hit with a ton of spam and viruses, which infected the computer with porn that was naked to the eye. Two forensic examinations of the laptop backed up the investigation, proving without a doubt that the illegal porn on Fiola’s computer was because of a virus infection.

Fiola was nevertheless terminated and his reputation was tarnished. And his employer, the Department of Industrial Accidents, responded this way:

“We stand behind our decision.”

It’s like the DIA is just asking to lose the inevitable lawsuit against them.

Meanwhile, a lesson to you all: Make for goddamn sure your virus software works.