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The Daily Memo - 5/19/07

check.jpgSome links about yesterday’s Supreme Court decisions, which are … conspicuously … absent from the typical QuizLaw coverage. (SCOTUSblog)

check.jpgAnd where, oh where, have the SCOTUS school cases gone? (Concurring Opinions)

check.jpgNinento Nintendo has been sued over the capacitors in its Wii, which isn’t nearly as naughty as third-graders might think it sounds. (Engadget)

check.jpgA ruling is expected next week in the now-concluded yet always-ludicrous $54 million pants lawsuit. (CNN)

check.jpgA California woman has filed a lawsuit over contact lens solution that was recalled, and she wants it to be a class-action suit representing not those who were injured by using the solution, but simply those who had to play along with the recall. (KLBJ)

check.jpgYou know, taking religious freedoms from prisoners doesn’t seem like the best plan I’ve ever heard of. (The Chicago Sun-Times)

check.jpgBugger! It’s about to become illegal to chop up corpses in Iowa. (Des Moines Register)

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Don't you mean Nintendo?

What, Vermillion, you've never played the Ninento gaming system? It rocks!