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And the Hits Just Keep Coming for AutoAdmit

06.23%20NPR-cvr.jpgWe’ve discussed this topic in the past on several occasions, but — in light of today’s NPR’s piece — it warrants another post. As Seth mentioned last week in linking to Concurring Opinion’s rundown, two unidentified female law students have filed suit against several posters on the message board, Autoadmit, claiming that their “character, intelligence, appearance and sexual lives have been thoroughly trashed by the defendants,” Anthony Scioli (who recently had a job offer withdrawn because of the site) and the posters responsible for writing various vile messages. And seriously — the messages weren’t just misogynistic, they were downright repugnant to the human race.

The contemptible nature of the messages is further highlighted in NPR’s piece (media player required, but it’s definitely worth the listen), if only because it’s shocking to hear even the cleaner posts read aloud (that the females had “herpes” or “slept their way through graduate school”). The two law students are suing for $200,000, claiming that, because of the message board, they were unable to land jobs (Google searches of their names would lead to the AutoAdmit posts, including one in which a poster hoped the plaintiff “would get raped and die”).

Eugene Volokh expresses doubt as to whether the posts cost the law students their jobs, and, undoubtedly, the lawsuit has little chance of success. Unfortunately, the laws simply aren’t in place to protect the students from such anonymous attacks. Brian Leiter, a UT Austin law prof who has spearheaded the anti-AutoAdmit movement, offers an interesting solution (and one that we suggested in jest a while back as well): To find out the names of the posters and write about them, allowing the “marketplace to exact its own penalties.”

In the piece, one of the owners defended the site, stating that there were just too many messages to moderate, so they shouldn’t be held responsible for what unmoderated commenters state. But, honestly, that’s bullshit. Jarett Cohen told us that he has taken down posts in the past, and said he would’ve taken down many of the posts that are central to this lawsuit if only he’d gotten an apology first. He didn’t, so he didn’t. And that’s why he’s getting his ass sued.

And if the names of those posters are ever revealed, you can bet your ass we’ll be one of the first to highlight them — nothing would bring me more satisfaction than to ensure that they never get a decent job.

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Why do you hate, Dustin. Why?

I am so glad I never got into AutoAdmit.

p.s. Has anyone ever figured out why they named it "AutoAdmit"? Pretty random name for a lawschool forum.

Make sure you forward me a copy of those names if they do get released. Not only do I hate what they did, but I have quite the chip on my shoulder for law students as well.

I mean, you guys are cool, but the pre-laws (and pretty much all the liberal arts majors) at my school piss me off.

Neither Jarrett Cohen nor AutoAdmit is not being sued.

Noted, and corrected. It's just Scioli and the posters who are being sued.