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The Daily Memo - 4/9/08

check.jpgSmarter folks than I can provide commentary on General Petraeus’ testimony before Congress (but I will add that, sadly, not one Senator said “Rock me, General Petraeus”). (Slate and Salon)

check.jpgGod damn it! A local Assemblyman from here in LA wants to start taxing music downloads. Fooey! (Mercury News)

check.jpgShould judges cite literary fiction more than they currently do? (Concurring Opinions)

check.jpgSo if Billy Clinton has deep ties with Colombia, does he have to resign now too? (The Huffington Post)

check.jpg“Senator Straight Talk won’t go on the record with Project Vote Smart.” (Mother Jones)

check.jpgHee. “Twatty.” (Geeklawyer)

check.jpgMore Real Men of Law School. (Legal Antics)

check.jpgThe Scalia says he ain’t no nut. (WSJ Law Blog)