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The Case of the Flying Kebab

kebab_original.jpgNote for future reference: A Munich, Germany court set a precedent today that, I suspect, will also prevail in future American court cases. The breadth of the decision is stunning, by any measure, and I doubt very much that the future of litigation will ever be the same. The court ruled firmly, and harshly, that a woman is not (I repeat, not) entitled to damages because being targeted with a kebab does not constitute a “serious violation … of human dignity and honor.”

A German court on Monday rejected a fast-food stall worker’s demand that an irate customer pay her damages for throwing a half-eaten kebab at her.
The claim stemmed from an altercation in June at the woman’s kebab outlet. The Munich administrative court said the customer unsuccessfully demanded his money back, then threw away the kebab.
The court said in a statement that the woman, who had claimed damages of at least €250 (£197), failed to prove her claim the customer had called her a ‘stupid cow.’

Somebody let the Supreme Court know.