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The Daily Memo 4/12/06

homeland.jpgA California attorney has been dissed by the California 3rd District Court of Appeal for filing a 202 appellate brief which was “rambling and ranting,” for comparing her client’s disabled child to broccoli, for unfounded claims that the trial court judge was biased and for her misrepresentations as to the holding of a seperate appellate ruling. (Law.com)

homeland.jpgJessica Simpson has been sued for $100 million for breaching a licensing deal by allegedly failing to promote a low-price clothing line. (The Smoking Gun)

homeland.jpgA Minnesota high school senior who had his SAT score incorrectly scored has filed a lawsuit. (CNN)

homeland.jpgimg>An 82 year old woman in California was ticketed for $114 for crossing a street too slowly. (NBC6)