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Spanking Blogger Gets Spanked in Court

There is exciting legal news affront concerning everyone’s favorite sexually-explicit D.C. Blogger, Jessica Cutler, aka, The Washingtonienne. According to CNN, a judge has allowed a lawsuit to proceed against Cutler, a former Senate aide, for invasion of privacy. The case was brought by Senator Mike DeWine’s former counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Robert Steinbuch, who alleges that Cutler engaged in an invasion of his privacy in 2004 by publishing sexually explicit facts about a relationship with Steinbuch on her blog. Cutler was fired from her job as Senate Aide after her blog created a big stink, i.e., got some powerful men in trouble with their wives.

Steinbuch’s asserts in his complaint that he was subject to “severe emotional distress, humiliation, embarrassment, and anguish,” though, from a man who purportedly loves hair pulling and spankings, isn’t this exactly what he was was asking for. The big twist in this case, however, is that Cutler never disclosed the full names of her DC lovers, only giving their initials, and Steinbuch’s identity may never have been revealed had he not filed the damn lawsuit in the first place.

The good news for Cutler, however, is that her sex-crazed antics have been optioned by HBO, which plans to create a sitcom about it, produced by Sarah Jessica Parker. As for Steinbuch - well, he’s a lowly Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas, where former President Clinton got his start. At least Steinbuch has better taste in women.