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The Daily Memo - 2/25/08

check.jpgIf Barack gets the nomination, is his vice-presidential candidate likely to die on election night? (North Star Writers Group)

check.jpgApple and Starbucks are finding themselves on the backend of a patent dispute. (Gizmodo)

check.jpgThe IRS is suing Nic Cage because he allegedly tried to write off over a million bucks in personal expenses between 2002 and 2004, and the IRS thinks he owes them some coin. (Zap2It)

check.jpgA fantastic recitation of facts from an unpublished 1995 Illinois decision gives me major flashback to my nerdy D&D days. (Above the Law)

check.jpgFor our law student readers, a head’s up — next year, you 2Ls are going to have to be quicker in accepting summer associate offers. (Law.com)

check.jpgRepresenative Rick Renzi (R-AR) just had a 26-page federal indictment opened on his ass, an indictment for extortion, wire fraud and money laundering, among other bad things, revolving around a sale of land in Arizona. (The Raw Story)

check.jpgThe “most Dictalicious circuit in the country” turns its opinions to meth cases involving a guy living and cooking in a rented storage unit. (Supreme Dicta)