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High School Pranks - Let’s Hear Some Stories!

hens.jpgEarlier this month, in Northeast High School in Philly, some kids went into the school over the weekend and unleashed dozens of chickens and hens. Hilarious? Not so much. But definitely amusing. Although it wasn’t so amusing to the school, which had to cancel classes that Monday and spend a nice bit of money cleaning it all up. While security cameras have video of those responsible for the senior prank, they were wearing hoodies, and investigations into kids buying chickens and laying hens haven’t turned up any strong leads.

That reminds me of a senior prank that took place my senior year where, right in the middle of a May school day, five guys in black, complete with ski masks, started running through the halls, hucking eggs into classrooms and, occasionally, at the more tortured and abused students. It was sorta amusing, although you had to feel bad for the poor kids who themselves got egged. It was also really stupid, because the five guys in question were all football players, and despite the ski masks, were pretty identifiable. One dude, who had to be a good 250 if he was a pound, also had this pin-sized head, so everyone knew who he was immediately. Not the best laid plan. They weren’t arrested or charged with anything, I don’t think, but they were banned from graduation.

When my mom was in high school, she said that some seniors pulled off the oft-talked about prank of putting a cow up on the school roof (although I think she said they managed to get it down without having to helicopter it off, despite the fact that cows supposedly can’t walk down stairs).

Got any good senior prank stories? Please share.

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It wasn't a prank pulled while I was in school, but I heard tell of one from either a teacher or an older student; I can't recall which. Anyway, what happened was every senior at graduation had a marble and as they went to receive their diploma, they handed the marble to the principal. Pretty innocuous at first, but after a dozen or so kids, the principal is innundated with marbles. Trying to keep the dignity of the situation, she pocketed as many as she could, but eventually you end up with a crapload of marbles and nowhere to put them. That always struck me as rather amusing and essentially harmless.

Last day of class my senior year, I poured out a package of paint balls down a stair well at the last bell. The school administrators were pissed. This was of course back before cameras everywhere.

The gym roof at our highschool was convienantly located next to a sloping hill. It was suprisingly easy to put up some plywood, break into the vice principle's Geo Tracker, put it in neutral, push it up to the roof and remove the tires. She was reviled by the students, but we eventually gave her back her tires. One a month until graduation. Again that sloping hill meant it was really easy to get up on the roof and then the track team discus throwers were able to toss the tires over the flag pole. Much much easier to get them on then get them off. I think all told there were forty seniors involved in the prank. I was a lookout for school security while they broke into her car.

No pranks, sadly, but we did talk the physics teacher into letting us shoot arrows of the school roof as an "experiment."

My cousin got expelled for blowing up a toilet at the high school. I think he overestimated the strength of the fireworks he was using.

My dad told me that he and some buddies broke into their high school at night, took off one pane of glass from the double-paned windows in the classroom doors, filled them with goldfish & water, or snakes from the science lab, and reattached the pane. VoilĂ , instant fishbowl and snake-terrarium doors!

My freshman year, some guys let a chicken loose on the girl's dorm floor with a sign around its neck saying "the end is near." Trust me, a chicken running around is VERY hilarious!

I heard a good story about the wealthy kids at El Toro High School in Lake Forest, CA about 8 years ago, or so, who had the principal's car towed to the school then heli-lifted onto the school's roof. Expensive? Perhaps, but in my books, those kids are the few who have become immortals beyond their high school years by virtue of something they did in high school, now that's a feat.

No more senior pranks at my high school after some idiots POURED ACID on the stairs, cut down a tree planted by a graduating class decades ago, and caused thousands of dollars of serious damage. Kids, that isn't a prank, that's vandalism. Nice try.

My calc teacher liked to describe his favorites from high school. One involved setting two pigs loose in the school with 1 and 3 painted on them. Which left the administration, of course ... looking for number 2. I hate animal-based pranks, though - I can guarantee it wasn't funny for the terrified pigs trying not to get injured running around in a sea of loud, rambunctious teenagers.

I've definitely heard the "1,3,4" pig story before, though I've never heard of anyone actually doing it.

Some kids the year before me baked a bunch of ex-lax brownies and put them in the teachers' lounge and spiked the ketchup and ice-cream dispensers in the cafeteria. I think that it probably sucked a LOT for everyone who didn't know to avoid those products, but it certainly gave us a crazy afternoon off as half the teachers rushed to the restrooms. The one kid who happened to get caught had to do janitorial and garden service for the last few weeks of school (when most of the seniors were done) and missed graduation.

Our yearbook commitee placed a fake student into the yearbook, not only giving him a name and picture in the Senior section but also putting his name into the the member lists of various sports and clubs.

My dad stole barrels of golf balls and dumped them down a very steep street during a parade. Every time he told the story he winced...apparently,(at the time) he didn't understand the term velocity.

The senior class before me piled old tires all the way up the flag pole, like a giant baby stacking toy. We had no idea how they did that. The school had to hire a crane to get them off.

There was also the class room filled with packing peanuts to a height of about 4 feet.

At the risk of being the biggest bitch EVER (as a 10-year veteran public school teacher, I've had that name applied enough times that I'm pretty immune), I think we need to point out here that people who pull senior pranks that cost money to fix are, essentially, taking money from schoolchildren. So suck it, asshats.

I guess I just don't get it; my high school didn't really have these sorts of things, and the ones I've seen as a teacher have been pretty horrendous. A baby pig was set loose and then kicked around the halls until it died. NICE.

The fake kid in the yearbook - funny and harmless. Let's applaud that kind of effort.

In my sophomore year of high school - which was my brother's senior year - he and I discovered each other doing exactly the same thing the week all the clubs photos were taken for the yearbook: getting out of class for free! No rules, no notes, no expectation of imminent return; just stand up when the announcement came for chess club, math club, wrestling team, or whatever and walk out of class. We both ended up in the Spanish Club photo, and I think I was part of the cast of Little Women that year.

a few years back, we went to our rival highschool, and poured oil in their football field in a big SUHS (our highschool), and lit it on fire.
pretty fun.
and they were pissed.

WOW....we put 2 types of oil down in every hall in our school....we put marbles on top of that and a big 2008 in the middle of our commons floor w/ shavin cream...so many kids and teachers fell not realizin that the floor was impossible to walk on...hahahahaha.....it was all video taped and no one got caught.....