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A great holiday, or the greatest holiday?

braless.jpgYou can have your President’s Day and Thanksgiving and Christmas and all that. Whatever. Because deep down, you know that St. Patty’s Day is truly the best holiday of the year. Trouble being, of course, that it’s not actually a national holiday.

Well Guiness would like to change that with “Proposition 3-17,” an online petition looking for a million signatures between now and March 16th. Of course, this is nothing more than a marketing and publicity stunt, but it’s working, because I’m linking to it and talking about it, aren’t I?

But here’s the thing — it’s not St. Patrick’s Day that we need to be a national holiday. Rather, we need National Day After St. Patrick’s Day, because that’s the day we really need off work. At least, if we’re celebrating properly.

(And in related news, it seems that places like my home state of Pennsylvania are finally starting to get rid of their idiotic beer laws.)

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The Catholic Church has strongly suggested that St Patty's be observed on the 15th (Saturday) this year because the 17th falls during Holy Week. This would work great because you could have Sunday off.

Could Guinness be promoting blasphemy? I, for one, am shocked!

oooooooor you could just call it 'Evacuation Day' like we do here in Boston.

March 17th is always a holiday here... seriously, we celebrate the English evacuating the city of Boston by getting trashed in Southie and heading into town to the Black Rose...

I LOVE my city ;)

Oh man, I love the Black Rose. Probably my favorite downtown bar. Although the Hong Kong is right there too, and I have a special love for the trouble those scorpion bowls caused me. Ah, law school, how I miss thee!

Here in Syracuse, people ask for the day off months in advance so they can go to Coleman's and drink from 7:30 am to alcohol poisoning. You really do need two days off.