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Shit yeah!

team-america.jpgGod Bless the USA! You may recall a case I told you about back in October, where Dawn Herb was facing prosecution for cussing at her overflowing toilet. Well a federal judge in Pennsylvania has now ruled that the case against Herb was crap because in America, one is entitled to cuss out their toilet.

Judge Gallagher said that Herb’s language might have been “offensive, vulgar and imprudent,” but it’s just the kind of the thing the First Amendment intends to protect. To quote Trey Parker and Matt Stone: “America … fuck yeah!”

And Judge Gallagher? I wonder if he exercised his own First Amendment rights, after issuing this ruling, by smashing a watermelon. That’d be awesome. If I’m ever a judge, I’m totally using my gavel to bust up some fruit from the bench.

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This is like ancient news, right?