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The Daily Memo - 10/5/07

check.jpgWell fiddly-dee-dee, how shocking - Senator Craig’s attempt to have his guilty plea withdrawn got a big, fat “no” from Minnesota’s Judge Porter, but Senator Craig says he’s gonna keep wasting tax payer dollars. (WSJ Law Blog)

check.jpgAnita Hill, in response to Justice Thomas’ book: “nuh-uh.” (Law.com)

check.jpgHey, you know what? We are simply the best. (And we’ve got better legs than Tina, too!) (Blawg Review)

check.jpgVerizon’s being sued over its alleged overstatement of the number of FiOS subscribers. (Gizmodo)

check.jpgThe first RIAA verdict swings the plaintiffs’ way, to the tune of $222K. (Slashdot)

check.jpgProfessor Dorf is calling the Plagiarism Scandal Sweepstakes in favor of Harvard Law, 3 to 1, over Yale. (Dorf on Law)

check.jpgA Philly judge has smacked Wal-Mart with a hefty $62 million judgment in a case where a jury said the store was under-compensating some employees. (Law.com)