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The Daily Memo - 10/12/07

check.jpgNew York is considering a “stupid and wasteful” law that would make it a felony to sell most M-rated games to minors. (Wil Wheaton’s Geek in Review)

check.jpgWhat of Michael Clayton and senior associates? (Above the Law)

(And for the record, I think Lat’s patently wrong here - at many firms, senior associate is just the next step from regular associate, and has no negative implication, whatsoever, regarding said attorney’s partnership prospects.)

check.jpgA guy who bilked a NYC law firm into thinking he was actually an attorney has pleaded guilty to grand larceny. (The Legal Reader)

check.jpgThe Georgia Supreme Court has suspended a real lawyer because he pleaded guilty to a coke charge. (Law.com)

check.jpgThe Cali Supreme Court, meanwhile, is going to hear a case about the San Francisco 49ers patting down fans before games (well, not the Niners themselves, but you get my meaning). (ESPN)

check.jpgThe House Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to give us four more years of tax-free internet, which certainly suggests that the amendment to the Internet Tax Freedom Act is on its way to passing. (Gizmodo)