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The Daily Memo - 10/11/07

check.jpgWell sure - why wouldn’t you want a disbarred lawyer giving a spiel on legal ethics? (Fox Noise)

check.jpgTurns out when you try to get all the illegal immigrants out of your town - whoops - you might just see the local economy suffer. (The NY Times)

check.jpg“A federal judge has ruled that forcing a non-driver in Michigan to submit to a preliminary breath test without a search warrant is unconstitutional” - so carry on with your drunk walking, citizens of Detroit! (Click on Detroit)

check.jpgI dunno what’s going on in Austria, with court’s making crazy rulings that chimpanzees aren’t people. (Discovery.com)

check.jpgA $1.2 million judgment has been thrown out because the judge says the lawyer on the case exhibited “disrespectful cockalorum, grandstanding, bombast, bullying and hyperbole” beyond anything he’s ever seen. (The Legal Reader)

check.jpgDahlia Lithwick takes a look and Justice Thomas’ new book, My Grandfather’s Son (… oh, I get it - that’s his father). (Slate)

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...oh, I get it - that's his father...

Could be his uncle.


(Sorry for the disrespectful cockalorum.)

Actually, he's referring to himself. Justice Thomas was raised by his grandfather.