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What the Fuck is Wrong with People?

twoyearold.jpgA Pennsylvania man is facing homicide charges today after he beat a two-year-old girl to death with a video game controller! What the hell, man? A video game controller? Seriously — who does that?

The mother is also facing child endangerment charges because she apparently overheard the man, who was her boyfriend, beating her daughter, but did nothing until the toddler was unconscious.

It wasn’t the first time the little girl had been beaten, either. The country coroner, in fact, said it was the worst case of abuse he’d ever seen.

Jesus: This is why you should have to pass a mental and psychological fitness test before you’re allowed to give birth — I mean, you have to at least take a driver’s test before you get a license. Why do we let any old jackass with a uterus procreate?

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**Why do we let any old jackass with a uterus procreate?**

Well now, blaming the woman because the guy killed the kid seems a bit odd, don't you think?

Well now, blaming the woman because the guy killed the kid seems a bit odd, don't you think?

Considering that the cops and courts are doing the same thing, not really.

How about blaming the man a little, you excuse this type of behavior by ignoring his involvement.

That is stupid. Yeah, the man should get in trouble, lots of it, but coming from someone who has a 1 year old... I think I would have tried to stop him or something. I wouldn't tolerate anyone messing with my daughter.

How about giving a mental and psychological fitness exam to every guy who puts his penis inside someone with said uterus?

I am a mother of 3 and i would have never allowed this 2 even take place I would have kicked his as!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you honestly can't blame the mother for having the child because for one thing no one KNEW that in the future that this was going to happen. However blaming people to procreate because of the guys violent behavior shouldn't be even considered a problem, I mean if you honestly look at things, Their are tons of children out their with parents who do this kind of thing. The fact that one article brings the attention of one is to show how Fucked up our society is, But no one is willing to do anything about it, But in any instance what he did was very horrific

no one should beat children. end of story

This story really breaks my heart. There are so many families out there that would have loved that child. "A Mother is supposed to protect her young". It is supposed to be instinctive. What is happening in society is sad. I have raised four children and have 4 grandkids. I would die for any one of them.
Pray hard for the family memebers.
Mama Dee in Charlotte

All children (both sexes) born from now on should have some form of safe, reversible, temporary birth control implanted in them, to be removed when they pass some form of psychological and basic intelligence test after they turn at least 20.

Yeah, I know such a miracle BC doesn't exist, and invasion of bodily integrity, discrimination, blah blah blah...

But still, I think it is a brilliant idea!

the guy is gettign blamed for it but the mother si too becasue she let him beat her child..did no one read the article?

that fuck up hell no i would not let a muther fucker bet up on my child

Personally i have a 3 month old and if anyone layed a finger on her {{or controler}} There would be some seriouse problems!!

everyone seems to be missing the point here.they both are equally responsible she even more so because there is no man alive who should becomemore important than her child .she didnt say anything cause she was afraid to lose him and that is pathetic...and as for the idiot who says children shouldnt be beat is correct .But a spanking every now and then never hurt us when we were growing up.Sweetie cant wait to see your simple ass... on the news explaining how your child smacked the shit outta you when you told him/her no!...lmao

how can anyone say that the mother shouldn't get in trouble or shouldn't get charged with anything...she heard what was going on and did nothing. i hope that piece of shit gets his when he goes to prison. i don't think those guys take to anyone beating a little girl to death very well. and the mother deserves it too. i hope they burn in hell.

If My People ..Shall Humble Themselves, And Pray, An Seek My Face, And Turn From Their Wicked Ways; Then Will I Here From Heaven And Will Forgive There Sin 2CHRON. 7:14

Then Shall The Dust Return To The Earth As It was: And The Spirit Shall return Unto GOD Who Gave It..ECCL 12:7

Seeing the picture of that little girl and knowing she's dead at the hands of the man who was supposed to protect her broke my heart.

I remember how it dawned on me as the father of three daughters that taking care of them would be THE priority for the rest of my existence. It was and continues to be the motivating force in my life.

That being said, as I get older, I get less angry at the perpetrators and more angry at the society that creates them.

I also get scared of the kind of home the girls will put me in eventually, but that's another story.


Where did some of these commenters come from? Did this entry get linked somewhere else? Random.

Sorry, the OCD in me cannot take it anymore: It is "laid," not "layed" people!

This is so shameful for the whole community! Where were the doctors....did they turn a blind eye to previous injuries, she must have been to a doctor at some point in her life. Where were the social workers, the neighbors, the other family members. There are more that are guilty than just the Mother and boyfriend here!! No one lives in an isolated bubble. Everyone is so afraid of getting involved, of taking a stand for someone unable to do so for themselves. Get involved people, if only anonymously. Report suspicions, let them investigate at least people will know they are being watched and if morality isn't enough to control their behavior maybe knowing someone cares enough to keep an eye out for the child will be enough. Such a beautiful little pixie of a child. She is about my granddaughter's age, whom I have cared for since she was born. If someone were to hurt her, after my tears had dried for her pain would come retribution in as many ways as possible. I would sooner be beaten myself than to have a hand lifted to her in anger. I'm not talking discipline, gentle discipline is teaching, I'm talking anger.

As a mother of three I would do any and everything it took to keep my children from harm at any cost.To hear that this woman allowed her child to be abused and did nothing in my opinion she has and had no business being a parent to begin with and she too should be punished to the full extent of the law.Children are innocent and do not ask to be here they have no choice and it is our responsability to keep them safe and from harms way to the best of our ability.

About blaming the mother.. I dont wanna say that what she did - or didnt do - is alright, but we dont know nothing about their life. Perhaps she loved her boyfriend or was scared of him too much..How about those wives beaten by their husbands for years? they stay with them because they are scared and ashamed. And no one thinks they should be punished for letting this happen..

these are very sick individuals....... take them., throw away the key...

I think that you need to call mental health to cheack on every one you deal with just because you can't really trust any one beleive that .i