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The Bush administration makes stupid legal arguments? Get outta here!

bush-cheney.jpgLast year, Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick put together a list of the Bush administration’s worst civil-liberties violations and “[t]he grim truth is, not much has changed.” So this year, Lithwick offers the top 10 stupidest legal arguments Bush and his cronies gave us in 2007. At number 10 is the claim that the NSA eavesdropping was limited in scope, when recent revelations show that it wasn’t exactly narrow at all.

My personal favorites are item number 8, which is Cheney’s retarded claim that his office isn’t part of the executive branch, and item number 4, which is that “[n]ine U.S. attorneys were fired by nobody, but for good reason.” I’ll save numbers one and two for you to find out for yourself, but I’ll tell you that neither is Alberto Gonzalez, although he does find himself in sole possession of the number 3 slot for being “the lying-est attorney general in recent history.” Even int he realm of stupid legal arguments, Gonzales is still a loser. Congrats, Alberto. Congrats.