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Never piss off a Trekkie

trekkies.jpgIn 2006, Ted Moustakis dropped six grand at a Christie’s auction to purchase a poker visor which Data wore in an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” (Yes, six grand for a poker visor.) Trouble is, when he took it to a convention this August to have it signed by Brent Spiner, he who played Data, Spiner told him the visor wasn’t the one he wore in that episode. Rather, said Spiner, he had personally sold that visor some time back.

Moustakis sued Christies over his ensuing humiliation, seeking a refund plus millions of dollars in punitives. The auction house claims that the item is, in fact, authentic, and that Moustakis’ case is worthless. Moustakis responded by saying that when his case goes to trial, it’ll be like he’s some strange planet’s monster and Christies is the red shirt sent down to investigate.

I wonder, though, how Moustakis is going to prove that his purchase of the allegedly false visor is more humiliating than the fact that (a) he’s a Trekkie and (b) he spent six grand on a friggin poker visor?