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All I Want for Christmas is Porn

santa57.jpgA 10-year-old girl in Tennessee was thrilled on Christmas morning to discover that Santa had left her an MP3 player. However, her parents weren’t so thrilled to discover that the MP3 player, which they had purchased from Wal-Mart, contained lots of music with drug-related lyrics and video clips of violent war scenes and XXX porn. You’d think they’d welcome all the free media, but, noooo — they are hiring a lawyer and threatening legal action against Wal-Mart, which repackaged a used MP3 player and sold it as new.

You’d think they’d be grateful that, now that she’s got firsthand knowledge, they’ll never have to bother explaining the birds and the bees to their daughter. Ingrates. Nobody ever sees the glass half full anymore, especially when it’s half full of porn.

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I don't care what happens in porn, wearing lots of makeup and acting stupid will NOT make your co-workers sleep with you. Belieeeeve me. This girl learned nothing.