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“Ambulance chasers? We don’t need no stinkin’ ambulance chasers.”

aChasers.jpgWisconsin’s state Assembly is considering a plan which would eliminate all state funding for the University of Wisconsin’s law school. This plan is spearheadded by Representative Frank Lasee who, quite frankly, simply thinks there are already enough lawyers in the Cheese State. As he put it:

We don’t need more ambulance chasers. We don’t need frivolous lawsuits. And we don’t need attorneys making people’s lives miserable when they go to family court for divorces. …And I think that having too many attorneys leads to all those bad results.

Unsurprisingly, the law school’s dean is unhappy with this plan, since it means the school would either have to cut some of its programs or raise tuition by five grand per year. It seems that there’s little chance of the funding-cut actually coming to fruition, however, because even if it remains in the final state budget, the Governor is likely to veto it. The Governor’s mom apparently used to work at the law school and he called the plan “a really bizarre thing that came out of nowhere.” In fact, the Governor speculated that Lasee might actually have “some personal beef” against the school.” Lasee, of course, claims that it’s nothing personal, and that he just thinks there are “too many attorneys clogging our court system and hurting our citizens looking for work for themselves.”

Were I Nick Naylor, I would of course spin Lasee’s statement into an attack against, and indictment of, Wisconsin cheese and the fact it is causing the clogging of Americans’ arteries. But I’m not Nick Naylor, so I shan’t.

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