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That’s how we hunt in Florida, bitch!

bambi.jpgThat’s right. We don’t go out into the woods to shoot us some deer. That’s too much actual, you know, work. Instead, we wait for the deer to come to us!

A Crestview man was charged with taking a deer by an illegal method after a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer learned that he had struck and killed a deer in the parking lot of a Crestview fast food restaurant, according to FWC’s weekly report.
A witness reported seeing the man “intentionally” run over the deer, stop and look at it and then drive away. The occupants of another truck at the same restaurant picked up the deer and drove away. The witness followed the second truck and called in the complaint.
A woman in the home where the officers were headed heard her address on the scanner. The two individuals then dumped the deer in a wooded area. When questioned by the officer, they first said they didn’t want the deer to be wasted. Later, they gave the name of the individual who ran the animal over.
The deer was photographed as evidence. The two who took the deer were issued written warnings for willful and wanton waste of wildlife.