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The Daily Memo - 11/28/07

check.jpgIn Port Washington, Wisconsin, tickets are down because the cops have decided to practice the crazy notion of “preventive law enforcement,” working to reduce the things that lead to citations in the first place. (JS Online)

check.jpgGood riddance - a NY judge has been yanked from the bench for tossing 46 (!) people in the clink after nobody would fess up to owning a cell phone that rang in the courtroom. (FindLaw)

check.jpgWell that’s a real crying shame - “FCC vote affecting cable TV in jeopardy.” (AP)

check.jpgA Magistrate Judge ruled in favor of Amazon not needing to open up its e-records, because “rumors of an Orwellian federal criminal investigation into the reading habits of Amazon’s customers could frighten countless potential customers into canceling planned online book purchase.” (NetworkWorld)

check.jpgThe Fifth Circuit is following the Supremes’ lead by extending the limits imposed on student speech, approving zero-tolerance rules for students who make violent threats. (First Amendment Center)

check.jpgSpeaking of the Supremes, “Scalia to join Supreme Court book club.” I hate his politics and beliefs, but am looking forward to his book nonetheless, even if it is about the less-than-amusing topic of courtroom advocacy. (Law.com)

check.jpgWhile it’ll likely lead to squat, a bill has been introduced which proposes making Puerto Rick the 51st star on our flag. (WESH)

check.jpgWhat’s going to get the Corporate Law Gorilla Award of 2007? (Concurring Opinions)

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I really want to know what ringtone the offender used.