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That better have been one helluva joke

laughter.jpgChristopher Cocker was chilling out in his flat (he’s British, you see) watching the telly, when he heard a joke that tickled his fancy. He found it so funny, in fact, that he fell off his sofa in hysterics. Next thing he knows, the cops are knocking at his door because, unbeknownst to him, his downstairs neighbors called the cops after hearing a loud thud.

Cocker tells the cops, “s’just me here, and I’m all fine, so carry on,” but the cops want to know his name. For whatever reason, Cockersdecides not to give them his personal info, and the cops say he started getting aggressive. So they sprayed him with some British version of pepper spray (parva spray), tossed him into a cop van, hauled him to jail, stripped him, and threw his pasty ass into a cell.

He recently showed up in court and pleaded guilty to resisting a police officer. If he behaves, he’ll get along without any further time in jail.

And god damn it, Daily Mail, how can you report this story and not ask Cocker what was said on the show he was watching that was so arrestingly funny? Talk about shoddy fucking reporting.

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He was watching Have I Got News For You, according to a report from the BBC.

Wow. Good to see our the mother country being as healthy and free as ever.