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Reviving our faith in the legal system one wonderful case at a time…

dry-cleaning2.jpgCracked.com has posted an article listing the “nine inane cases” it thinks prove that “the US legal system is screwed.” They include some obvious choices, like our favorite asshat DC lawyer who sued his dry cleaners for $67 million over a lost pair of pants. But they also tell of at least one case I hadn’t heard of — the tale of a Dartmouth professor, Priya Venkatesan, who sued students in her class because they complained about her teaching abilities and argued with her during lectures on expository argument. Awesome.

(Hat tip to reader Jen who, of the above link, said: “I laughed, cried and drank every drop of vodka in sight.” …A girl who drinks all the vodka she can find is a girl after my own heart.)